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Google remove Frupico again. The reason is “APK HAS A PRIVACY POLICY​ BUT IT IS NOT ADEQUATE” and “APK HAS A PROMINENT DISCLOSURE BUT THE DISCLOSURE IS NOT ADEQUATE”. In this post we will tell you about how to fix this problem.

What’s a problem?

We made already 12 releases and no one not compliance with Google rules. I really don’t know what Google specialists want from us. Frupico is simple mobile game who use little bit of personal data (nickname and random generated ID). This data using for collect statistics on our server and for generate world ranking table of users. That’s all. Very simple and not criminal.

What we already did

  1. In the first version Frupico APP really used getting primary account information throw standard Android API with user allow request, but in older releases all this functionality was remove.
  2. We was redesign acceptance dialog window (add buttons Agree, Not Now), changed the message.
  3. We changed text of privacy policy
  4. We added full text of privacy policy IN APP
  5. We added special setting(button on the settings screen) for turning off sharing user data
  6. Removed from manifest the string <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS” />
  7. Made changes in app content setting page in Play Console

And all this “IS NOT ADEQUATE” for Google…

UPD. Last release (october 29) was approved. Show must go on.

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