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Explaining the video “C# Guess the number”

Six years ago I publish on YouTube channel short video named “C# Tutorial 3: Game “Guess the number”. This video collects gigantic 778 views! This is absolute record on my channel and for this reason I decide write this post to explain what going on in this tutorial.

Recipe: To make things from this video you need Windows 7, 8, 10 computer, Visual Studio 2012 Community Edition (or higher).

In this video I show you how you can create simple Console application using Visual Studio.

What is Visual Studio: Visual Studio is IDE (integrated development environment), special program to create other programs in Windows environment. Visual Studio is industrial standard in Windows development sphere. If you want develop programs for Windows mostly probably you will be use Visual Studio.

What is Console application: Console application is apps running in terminal. If you read this text in Windows system use Win + R combination, then type “cmd” and click Enter. Windows open Terminal – boring black window.

Our app will be run in boring black window too. But we will coloring process by our fun and happy mood.

Process: What I do in this video. I create new console project, then I write code. I create two variables to save first number(number that player1 is set)and to save second number (number that player2 is guessed). For these purpose I use method Console.WriteLine() to output text in console to showing text to user, and I use method Console.ReadLine() to read value that player input from keyboard to console window. Then I use IF ELSE construction to check of match between number1 and number2.

That’s all. Thank you for reading/watching. Enjoy!

Game development


In 2020 i started developing my third game Frupico. It’s funny Mach 3 puzzle game.Right now you can download well-playable version from Google Play (use link below).

Recipe: To develop the same game you will need LibGDX cross platform engine, Android Studio, GIMP, freelance musicians and one android developer.

For what: General idea of the game – interesting rotation functionality binding with traditional match 3 game process. You need to rotate game area to collect three fruits in the row to win. Video below showing this process.

I develop this rotate functionality many years ago. When i have been ready to develop a new game i decide use my old rotation engine. In my first game Cosmo Bubble rotation engine work hardly and clumsily. These games (Frupico and Cosmo Bubble) looks like similar, but technically they are very different.

Secret of the FBN abbreviation: Аs you may have noticed in the video i use name FBN (Fruit Blender Ninja), but the game named Frupico! What going wrong? This is very interesting history. In first version of the game i actually named my game Fruit Blender Ninja. The game start his history on Google Play from this name and have thouthands downloads and already have some profit from ads. But after a while google ban my app because developers of Fruit Ninja write complain against FBN. Аllegedly FBN violates their right. I make some attempts to challenge in mail this situation but no result. Ban from Google was a more than real and i decide rename game.

Another ban and blocking: I have many bans from google. Every time it’s require many time to make changes to match Google rules. When you develop for Google Play you must be ready to ban every day. Unfortunately it’s true and ban may come suddenly and with no reasons. So, what i can say about it. It’s games with big corporations. Game by his rules. Rules that can be changed in every moment. You can play this game or you can not. That’s all options.

Future: After months of developing, after several bans, after years teaching, after hundred dollars spent, I hope find power to complete this project. I hope find the missing part to make great game. Pls play Frupico, rate Frupico, leave comments. It’s very important for me.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy!


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