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Научная фантастика

The new technology world order

Many people today thinking about future. What will be in one, five, ten years later. What technologies will be in front, what technologies will die. What countries and nations will became a number one, what countries and nations failed. We feeling start of big transformations, but what will be end of these transformations. We see today unbelievable processes that going on around the world. Diseases, wars, conflicts and cataclysms accompanied of new technologies. The familiar world by several years transform to unrecognizable, polarized and hostile to people. Strange world who have no own opinion, unable to act, looks like as if someone stop evolution or like we hit the ceiling. But who is building this ceiling? We are sinking in the new dynamic rules, we not capable change anything. Technologies are catch us on any action and give us quick resolve. We turn off our mind. And this happens already 20 years. Starts like kiddy thing the technology revolution devours people. We play squash with “big brother”. We want beat harder, but technology answer more quickly. It’s like a fish beating in glass. It seems to me that this process not stop.