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Are you ready for the end of the world or maybe you just prepare to camping in the forest? I’ll tell you how to be prepare to any situation. In this article I describe what apps are needed to help you in extraordinary situations.


If you have a flashlight on your phone make sure that you have a flashlight app. When blackout is coming it will be too late for downloading. Flashlight app also be useful to work in SOS mode when light lights up periodically attracted attention.


Use any messenger. It useless when no internet and electricity, but in other cases it help you send emergency message quickly.


Make sure that you have OFFLINE translator on your phone. It helps you make conversation with people of the other culture. You will be able to ask help.


Have a offline maps on your phone. In this case you you will be able to use your phone like a compass.


Calendar helps you don’t forget what a day out the window and what count of days gone since that time when electricity off.

First aid

Download app or save in photo gallery instructions about first aid.


And of course games. Take the games with you! It’s not useful but it’s entertain you while you will be sitting on the cold stone. Our best games here.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!

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