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The new technology world order

Many people today thinking about future. What will be in one, five, ten years later. What technologies will be in front, what technologies will die. What countries and nations will became a number one, what countries and nations failed. We feeling start of big transformations, but what will be end of these transformations. We see today unbelievable processes that going on around the world. Diseases, wars, conflicts and cataclysms accompanied of new technologies. The familiar world by several years transform to unrecognizable, polarized and hostile to people. Strange world who have no own opinion, unable to act, looks like as if someone stop evolution or like we hit the ceiling. But who is building this ceiling? We are sinking in the new dynamic rules, we not capable change anything. Technologies are catch us on any action and give us quick resolve. We turn off our mind. And this happens already 20 years. Starts like kiddy thing the technology revolution devours people. We play squash with “big brother”. We want beat harder, but technology answer more quickly. It’s like a fish beating in glass. It seems to me that this process not stop.


One of main thing in a new world is automation. Look. Automation everywhere. Speaking gadgets, electric cars, automatic gas stations, smart home systems, smart stores, electronic money, city control, logistics, agricultural industry, sport, creativity and more other. All spheres using automation to hit the purpose quickly. But in this pursuit we turn off people from chain of problem solving. Globally it’s okay, not bad. It happens thousand years, but earlier it happens different. In the past new solutions or technologies was helping tool to human. One technology or solution was changed another. We was getting more powerful or more effective tool. But in past very rarely technologies replace the people. When it’s happens people face shock. Usually people have two options: go out from history or change their lives, adapt and move to new place. So it was in the past. Right now we see more faster changes and more faster replace people by technology than ever. And it’s terrible, but nobody knows fairy place where you can move. Automation will leave without work millions of people in the near future. It’s not fantastic. It’s going now. But new automation technologies not just replace people, new technologies born new member of society. This is main problem that no one see. Every time when you use automation in your life in fact you pick up the child from technology maternity hospital. Look around, count how many technology child around you. Siri, Alexa, smart gadgets with your plans, projects, selections of music, hints etc., smart refrigerator, smart teapot, electronic switches, home control systems, garden control systems, driving assistance in your cars and more and more. Than more assistance technologies you have than more effective you in today live.


Insensibly your home, your life, filling of new «technology childs» and automation processes that they control. Your family of 2-3 people insensibly growing up with new virtual members. And it’s seems to be normal. It’s like slave ownership in past centuries. It’s funny. You are like a plantation owner commanding your submissive uncomplaining devices. But we’re missing important thing. Technical slaves consume resources (energy). Right now it’s a little consumption, but in the future and with growing up of count of gadgets this consumption will grow too. Now, ask yourself, what happens in history when someone out of control and want more resources? Today you think that your technical slave is stupid, but don’t forget about their evolution. Every year gadgets become smarter. And ask yourself, what happens when someone who consume resources became a numerical superiority, have grow up population and became smarter.

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