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Explaining the video “C# Guess the number”

Six years ago I publish on YouTube channel short video named “C# Tutorial 3: Game “Guess the number”. This video collected gigantic 797 views! This is absolute record on my channel and for this reason I decide write post to explain what going on in this tutorial.

English Game development


In 2020 i started developing my third game Frupico. It’s funny Mach 3 puzzle game.Right now you can download well-playable version from Google Play (use link below).

Recipe: To develop the same game you will need LibGDX cross platform engine, Android Studio, GIMP, freelance musicians and one android developer.

For what: General idea of the game – interesting rotation functionality binding with traditional match 3 game process. You need to rotate game area to collect three fruits in the row to win. Video below showing this process.

I develop this rotate functionality many years ago. When i have been ready to develop a new game i decide use my old rotation engine. In my first game Cosmo Bubble rotation engine work hardly and clumsily. These games (Frupico and Cosmo Bubble) looks like similar, but technically they are very different.

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